Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Solstice

A Facebook friend of mine was posting about how she is feeling as the Summer Solstice arrives. I tried in vain to describe how I was feeling: “I have a very strong determination to get things done.” “I am feeling very feminine-very strong, emotional, sexy, and nurturing. I am usually more in touch with a more masculine side- being tough, physically strong, etc”.

This was all correct, but I was still missing something- something major. And then the perfect description came to me. I feel PREGNANT, and not just pregnant, but almost due, ready-to-pop pregnant! As soon as the thought hit me, I felt my spirit relax and I heard a voice say “finally!”(I had a vision of a small person flop back into a chair exhausted-LOL)

This is most definitely an A-HA moment. You know, one of those moments where everything comes together and finally makes sense?!

In case you’re new to my life, I am not physically pregnant- I am at the end of a bad marriage (17 years today), and the only way I could possibly become pregnant is if Pan himself came in when I was sleeping. ;)

I AM pregnant, however with ideas, possibilities, a whole new creation of me. I feel like I am pregnant with the Universe- everything just waiting to be born, and re-born.

I have spent the last 17+ years pretending I am someone I’m not- shutting down emotionally to spare the pain of verbal, mental, and spiritual abuse. Now I am waking up- I have a whole world to discover, to see, smell, hear, and most definitely feel. I have a voice to sing, a body to dance, and I want to do it for the world to see! Am I crazy for wanting to scream from a mountain, “I AM WOMAN-HEAR ME ROAR!!!!”?

Goodnight my Loves!


  1. You are so special to me, and now I know why you have come into my life at this moment in time.

    Thank you for sharing yourself with me :) When those babies (all those new ideas) pop out onto the world, I hope the world is ready, but if not>>>Fuck'em!

    This journey is going to be awesome...scratch that...this journey IS awesome!

  2. Thanks! I am honored that you can be part of my life, my journey. :)