Saturday, July 3, 2010

I'm A Dreamer

Ahhh- my new mug. Isn’t it pretty? What do you suppose I saw in this mug? There was a chapter in the book I am reading ( Cottage Witchery-Natural Magick for Hearth and Home, by Ellen Dugan) about reading tea leaves.

I must admit, I don’t do divination spells, I don’t read tarot cards, runes or tea leaves. I don’t know the symbolism of clouds, wax, or anything else by heart.

I am a dreamer. (I told ya’ll I sleep sometimes) Dreams can tell the future, help with solutions to problems, and given practice and suggestion, (repeating a question over and over until you fall asleep) dreams can give very specific and accurate answers.

There are probably hundreds, if not thousands of dream interpretation books on the market, and many give different symbolism for the same dream. I do refer to books on occasion, but my instinct is usually my best guide. I have learned through the years to trust my instincts (a lesson I continue to learn). My instincts can tell me whether it’s “just a dream” or if I need to look further into it.

For instance, I had a dream the other night that I met a gorgeous man, and was very interested in him- flirting and getting to know him. The next thing I know, I am walking through a crowded hotel/dormitory naked, looking for him.

If I referenced a book on being naked, it would generally tell me that I a.) have a secret I’m afraid of coming out, or b.) I am feeling vulnerable or c.) I’m afraid of being caught off guard. My instincts, as well as my past and present circumstances tell me that if I was to ever find a gorgeous man and want to enter a relationship, I need/want to show more vulnerability, to trust someone with my secrets/innermost thoughts, and to let someone take care of me instead of keeping up a 50 ft wall in self-defense.

I should also mention that no one was insulted by my nudity and I almost felt that it was a rite of passage as I walked through the rooms and the corridors.

Another dream I recently had took me to a party or shower. I walked into the party and I was the only white person in the room. A woman immediately grabbed me and told me I had to kiss her. The next thing I know, I am trying to drive home, but I am in a city and I am lost. Suddenly a black boy on a bicycle is opening my driver’s side door (while I am still driving), and is trying to get into the vehicle. I see that he is being chased by a dog so I let him in. He then says to me, “My dog won’t get on my bike”. Looking at him I screamed, “That’s your dog?” I stopped at a light and looked around and said, “Well, I am lost”. Then I woke up.

My instincts were all over this dream from the second I woke up. They told me that a.) since I’m not racist, the black people simply meant that I am surrounded by people that are nothing like me, and the kiss was a symbol of doing things my true self wouldn’t normally do, or care to do. Honestly, this is a given in my life right now.

The boy and his dog represent the fact that I am so quick to “rescue” people, I don’t always know what I am getting myself into. I “rescue” people that, in fact, don’t really need rescuing.

The fact that I was lost (very common theme) could mean a few relevant things. I feel lost right now living among people that I don’t belong with. It also means that I am lost, looking for my way “home” to people, situations and a life I do belong to.

Now normally, I would pose a question the next night such as, “How do I get home?” or even “What’s my next step” or I could ask for my next dream to elaborate on the previous dream, but honestly, I have been so exhausted by bedtime since then that all I can think about is my head hitting the pillow.

Here’s a problem I have with other people’s dream interpretations: If any of you had the same dream(s) as me, they could mean something completely different. We are not cookies made with one cutter. We all have unique situations and issues to work through. This is where your own instincts are the best interpreters you can have.

P.S. What did I see in my new mug? My new kitchen color scheme- what a piece of inspiration! See, I can tell the future!

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