Monday, August 2, 2010

Aaahhhh- What to Do, What to Do!

First off, I want to take some time to talk about a problem I have. My husband seems to be in the habit of speaking poorly about me to my kids. Generally his opinion of me doesn’t bother me, but it is really bothering them to hear it.

Tonight, while I was out getting something in the van, he apparently said something to Abbey about me. After he went to bed, she told me about it, and told me that she really hated it when he did that. I told her that I was 38 years old, I didn’t care what other people thought of me, and that she shouldn’t either. I don’t think I made her feel any better.

I don’t talk poorly about him to the kids, or generally even when there is a chance they can hear me (they do eavesdrop on occasion). Regardless of how I feel about him, he is still their dad, and that’s that. Not to mention, he has a way of making himself look bad to them, they don’t need me making it worse.

So, my question is how to deal with this. Short of me telling them not to worry about it, I’m not sure what to say. I don’t want to tell him- he’ll just get angry with them for tlling me. Any Advice?


My other issue is pretty much an non-issue, but I want to talk about why I put “A Green Witch in a Born Again World”. Tonight was the orientation for the homeschool co-op we go to. Yes, I live in the bible belt, and yes, this is a Christian co-op. I had to sign an agreement that I would not go against the Statement of Group Doctrine, which reads as follows:

1. The Holy Bible in it’s original manuscripts never fails and is never wrong. It is the inspired Word of God and constitutes God’s completed and final revelation.
2. God exists and has existed eternally in three persons: God the Father and Creator, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
3. Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, was born of a virgin, becoming a man, yet without sin. He perfectly fulfilled God’s requirements. He was crucified, buried, and rose again on the third day for the salvation of us all. He ascended to the Father, at whose right hand He eternally lives, to make intercession for those who will accept His substitutionary death for their sins. He is the only mediator, the Head of the Church, and the returning King. He is coming again to judge the living and the dead and to receive His own at the end of the age in fulfillment of prophesy.
4. All men have sinned by the violation of God’s righteous requirements and His holy character and are under His wrath and just condemnation. The central purpose of the coming of Jesus Christ was to pay for the penalty for man’s sin through his death on the cross providing salvation as a free gift to the sinner. This gift must be responded to by each individual through faith in the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ alone.

Wow- that’s a mouthful! Now, don’t get me wrong- if that’s your belief system, that’s fine with me. While looking at me, she said to the group that while we don’t have to believe in it, but we couldn’t go against it out loud to the kids.

She said, to illustrate her point further, “Say I was a Wiccan… (looking at me)”

At this point there were giggles throughout the room, and one woman the kids call the “crazy science teacher” said, “Somehow I can’t see you out in public in your birthday suit.” I believe everyone laughed, but suddenly I had a hot flash and the rest of the conversation went very dim.

This same “crazy science teacher”, by the way, is teaching a class at co-op this year, calling it an American History class, but changing historical facts to suit her religious zeal.

Anyway, I signed the form- I have no desire to “convert” anyone, I just want to have some social interaction for my kids, and Hanna needs the science labs. Maybe someday I will either find, or start a secular co-op, but until then, I will smile politely, as always.

Oh yeah- one other thing that gets my goat with this co-op: The lady that was doing all the talking wants to teach a class titled “Christian Yoga”.

“Christian Yoga – grades 9 - 12 and adults, ladies only – NO FEE Basic yoga for flexibility and strength. This class will be offered to girls exclusively and is geared towards high school girls. We will focus on the basic yoga poses and how these improve our posture and our strength. The basic theme is Christian without the OM or meditation factor being incorporated.”

Some things I need to let go…

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